The Pi Gamma Phi Fraternity and Sorority was established in the year September 27, 1975 at the Old San Francisco College. Brod Eric Gomez, Brod Lemsy Ulanday and Brod Henry Pesimo who then were members of different fraternities thought of establishing one unified fraternity that will embody all the ideals and traditions. Such ideals and traditions were continued by pioneering members who established a stronger cooperation from distinguish collegiate institutions from Cebu . Hence, the establishment of the first working Council in Cebu was in the year 1996. Council officers composed of alumni supported the needs of its members. Thus the primary was to help members fulfill their goal in completing their chosen course.

In order to know a brother, a ritual or mark is made on the front upper right shoulder as a symbol of his forever membership and to obtain a password to finally confirm his membership of the Fraternity. The password shall not in any way be written in any form or be placed in the “by-laws and constitution nor appear in paper to be distributed to members. This act is decided in order to preserve the sanctity and secrecy of the password which was and given in verbal form by the members of the brotherhood since 1975. A member who attains the entire requirements will now call “himself/herself” a “DOSKELION”.